Private Tutors Education Grade 3 to 12

Private Tutors Education Grade 3 to 12

Keeping your Child Educated during lock-down with an Online Solution!

The South African Government has implemented a 21 day lock-down in response to the outbreak and impacts of COVID-19. These closures of schools and businesses are also present in many countries across the world.

The close of schools and businesses across South Africa is meant to encourage the social distancing between children and adults alike to slow the spread of the highly contagious virus. These moves are necessary for the safety of both the public and the health care system, which is why parents, educators, and schools are all coming together to create an alternative option for continuing education at this time. At Edu core Solutions, we are offering online tutoring to help students continue their education in the safety of their homes. Our tutors across South Africa are making themselves available to provide personalised educational support and resources online to help students continue their education at this time.

Learn how our private tutoring services can help to maintain student’s educational progress at this time. Although school may not be on everyone’s mind at this time, there are many reasons why continuing education is crucial right now for students:

Angie Motshekga the minister of Education has shared in a statement that they “are working to ensure that students will be able to access information through the DBE website”. This has been updated with current and relevant content inclusive of reading resources and websites. Please visit Parents, teachers and learners are encouraged to visit the DBE website for additional resources.

Many schools and educators are looking for digital ways to provide assignments, and even lessons, to help students to continue their learning. Online tutoring will help support your child with any of these online tasks and will continue to act as an educational resource.

It is a sad reality that not all our schools and educators in South Africa will be able to continue education digitally, which means that many students’ learning will come to a halt.

Our children are usually in a classroom learning and developing, and this progress is so important to maintain. When schooling is paused, it is that much harder for the students to retain and build on the information they have already been taught.

Routine is essential for children. It helps keeps them on track, organised, and helps them to space out their daily tasks and responsibilities like education, meals, exercise, chores, and downtime. Education is not only essential for the knowledge and development of your child, but it also provides a sense of structure in their day-to-day schedule. A lack of daily structure can make it challenging to get your child to focus on a task, and will make it that much harder for them to get back into their daily routine once school starts back up again. That said, there is no perfect routine for everyone. There is no right or wrong way to react in this situation, and by bringing education into your home through online tutoring, you will have full control of your child’s new routine and educational progress. The thing is, any routine will provide them with a sense of normalcy, productivity, and empowerment. Even if you integrate a couple of hours of learning into your child’s daily routine, it will be beneficial. With online tutoring, you can implement a schedule that will ensure your child is learning at the times that work best for you and them. This way you can also facilitate other elements into your child’s schedule like downtime, reading, crafts, meals, etc.

Continuing to learn at this time is about ensuring your child can still get the educational support they need to learn, achieve academic goals, develop their mind and skills, and maintain physical and mental health. Incorporating a routine into your child’s life by integrating education at a pace that works for both parents and children helps students to continue to learn and creates a sense of normalcy for them. – Janine Turner

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