About our Au Pairs


Looking for an Au Pair?


We at Edu Core Solutions are dedicated to finding a suitable match for your family. Our au pairs are matched with families based on the client’s needs; family personalities; beliefs and values around raising your child. We will help you find the perfect au pair who is open and willing to learn; grow and create a warm loving environment for your child. At Edu Core Solutions we ensure all the necessary screening is completed; such as the criminal checks; personality testing; ID & drivers verification and social media screening.

Benefits of an Au Pair:

Academic Support

Supporting your child with homework; studying; assignments; planning and preparing for school the following day.

Child Development; Support & Fun Activities.

The au pair plays an integral part in the development of your child by instilling and developing interpersonal; social and relationship skills.

After being kept inside for most of the school day, children need to be outdoors and get their bodies moving. Our au pairs ensure they set up fun activities at home or outside of the home to keep your child stimulated through fun play.

Transport Assistance

Au pairs are able to assist with morning and afternoon transportation to and from school; as well and any extra mural activities with their reliable vehicle.

Family Support

Our au pairs assist, support and manage busy households by planning daily and weekly routines with the family. Additional services our au pairs can help with is meal preparation; shopping; collections; doctor appointments etc.


It is important for a family to have someone that they can completely depend on; which in turn gives peace of mind that your child is completely taken care of in your absence.


Your child requires stability and security knowing that someone truly cares about them and are there when their parents can’t be with them.

Our Guarantees

When we match our au pairs with our families, we are confident in our match-making process. If, at any stage during this time you feel the au pair isn’t the right fit we will replace them as a matter of urgency at no additional cost to you.