Grades 0 - 7

The Primary School tutor involved in assisting and teaching your child in any of our academic programs will first need to assess your child’s weaknesses in a particular learning area. 

This enables the tutor to find the “gaps” and give your child the full benefit of a private tutor. 

We therefore set aside the first two lessons for testing and assessing your child’s individual capability within the subject. 

Based on the outcome of the assessments Edu Core Solutions together with the tutor will develop an individualised learning program for your child.  

Primary School Tutors and Subjects

Primary school tutors develop lesson plans in line with your child’s curriculum objectives. Our tutors facilitate learning by establishing a relationship with your child. Developing and fostering the appropriate skills and social abilities to enable optimum development of your child. Our tutors pinpoint your child’s previous lack of knowledge within specific learning areas to enhance and develop their ability. This will challenge and inspire your child, as well as deepen their knowledge and understanding of the subject.


The English language can be a difficult one to master; therefore an English tutor will help your child develop their language ability within comprehension, reading and grammar. They will be able to relate to the curriculum being covered in the classroom and use the skills taught by the tutor to apply their newly learnt knowledge in context. 

Many students find the Afrikaans language a difficult subject but our tutors can help your child improve their Afrikaans ability through exposure to reading, writing, comprehension, literature and grammar.  This exposure to the Afrikaans language will improve your child’s language ability.


Our Maths tutors will work with your child to boost their confidence and develop their problem solving and critical-thinking abilities. This will develop their understanding of Mathematical theories and concepts and build a strong foundation for future years.

Natural Sciences

Natural Science is broken down into two main areas; Life Sciences (Biology) and Physical Sciences. Our tutors assist in building the foundation for students that have an interest in Science and Biology for future studies. Our Natural Science tutors are passionate about the natural world and what it takes to function.

Social Sciences

Our Science tutors will not only help answer questions; they will help inspire your child to seek out the answers for themselves by thinking logically. Our tutors are educated and knowledgeable and will pass on valuable skills in these learning areas. Our tutors will help improve your child’s scientific knowledge.


EMS covers three main areas The economy; Financial literacy and Entrepreneurship. Our tutors aim to prepare learners with the understanding of real-life skills that they will need to succeed as a business owner or entrepreneur. The subject focusses on the importance of different types of resources to satisfy people's needs and wants. It's a practical subject and working with a qualified tutor will assist your child to succeed in this subject.