About our Tutors


The purpose of our tutors is to help your child help themselves. To assist or guide them to the point at which they become an independent learner.

Knowledge of the academic subjects is an essential  ingredient for our tutors to be truly effective. Our tutors combine content knowledge with empathy, honesty and humour. Our tutors encourage a relaxed learning environment with their strong desire to listen. 

Your child will be more willing to open up to alternate learning methods and discuss their academic problems. We believe that the tutoring environment must remain a place where your child feels safe to ask questions.

We believe our tutor’s success is achieved when a student no longer depends on tutorial assistance. We aim to assist your child in achieving their long or short term academic 

We believe your child holds the key to master their own academic success. We will give them the skills to enable them to unlock their true potential.

Benefits for the students who use our tutors:

Enriching one on one learning

Group learning and sharing

Improving academic awareness

Allowing personal growth

Improving self-esteem

Study skills to improve subject confidence

Improving questioning and thinking

Teaching your child to set realistic goals

Working towards academic consistency