Private Tutors Education Grade 3 to 12

Private Tutors Education Grade 3 to 12

5 Reasons why tutoring is much more than just teaching

5 reasons why tutoring is much more than just teaching

There is a common misconception amongst parents that tutoring is merely a way to ‘catch the child up’ with what they are struggling. There is no doubt that it certainly is a part of what Tutors strive to do, but there is so much more to it than that. In this article, we show that tutoring is far more than improving knowledge. It improves self esteem, emotional well being and all level of classroom interaction and communication too. So what are the 5 reasons tutoring is much more than just teaching? ...

  1. Tutoring helps in specific problem areas – As mentioned in the opening paragraph, many children have problems just in a specific area of a subject, or subjects. Children who are struggling with one or more subjects can be tutored according to their needs. With problems in just a couple of subjects or even a few, extra tutoring can most certainly make a huge difference. A good tutor must know when to provide support and when to challenge. This approach encourages the children to be more active in their own learning.

  2. Tutoring gives a better understanding of the work – Following on from the first point, it makes sense that it is important for the tutor to teach the child critical thinking methods, this will teach the child to think for themselves and ask good questions whilst studying and in turn this will encourage problem solving. It will improve the child’s knowledge of a subject and it will assist your child to understand the work that they are covering in the classroom. This means better instant learning, interaction, and ultimately better exam results.

  3. Tutoring gives children more self-confidence – Now to this point of self-esteem and self-confidence. For numerous children who struggle academically self-esteem and self-confidence may fade. When a child loses these two important things, they may also lose the ability to learn and succeed academically. If a child has a Tutor that assists with improving knowledge and understanding of the work, this will greatly boosts the child’s self-confidence within himself and in the classroom. This relieves peer pressure and sometimes even the ridicule of classmates. A child’s well being and peer acceptance are vital to their emotional well being at every level of their school life.

  4. Tutors help the child become more independent – Amazingly, once a child feels more confident, they tend to take it upon themselves to independently do more to help themselves. Tutoring assists with gaining an independent child that believes in himself and ultimately results in the better planning of schoolwork, tests and exams and the implementation.

  5. Tutoring helps the child to learn to support themselves – In relation to the last point, critical thinking techniques, increased knowledge, self-esteem and independence, means your child becomes more self supporting and more able to carry out tasks without constant nagging or prompting.

In summary...

Tutoring has been found to be highly effective in producing a desire to succeed; that is, as a child learns more and more, they will want to learn more and more. When children are taught in a comfortable environment and with one-on-one lessons, they are motivated to excel. Once they start to know more than their peers, their self-esteem and self-confidence will increase.

If these 5 reasons why tutoring is much more than just teaching have convinced you, please contact us regarding your child’s particular requirements.

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