Private Tutors Education Grade 3 to 12

Private Tutors Education Grade 3 to 12

7 Sways To Get Back Into The Rhythm of The School Year!

The school year is not unlike a symphony that plays its way through the ups and downs of the annual educational cycle. It should, when learners go back to school, start with a nice smooth intro, building to a settled melodic rhythm, reaching a rousing crescendo around final exam time ...and finish with a final celebratory chord ...which slowly fades into silence time!

It is that intro though that does not always play as the score is written. After the silence the gathering together of the orchestra, the tuning and fine tuning and a reluctance to begin the next song, can all result in those first few bars being somewhat distorted and disjointed.

As educators, we at Edu Core solutions would like to offer a little advice and so here are 7 Sways to get back into the rhythm of the school year...

  1. Know what’s coming - Help your kids to know what schedules, curriculum and extra-curricular activity programs will be taking place. If possible, get informed about what subjects your child will be doing and what teachers they will have etc. Try to be as prepared as possible. Do you have all the stationary and books they require? Go shopping together for back to school items and try to make it fun. A cheerful lunchbox can lift a child’s spirits on a dreary day

  2. Positive outlook and find a friend – Always give kids a positive outlook on getting back to school. Remind them what learning is about, the importance of working as a team and socialising with other children. Encourage school friendships. Remember when you cannot be there all they have is their friends.

  3. Discuss expectations – Yours and your child’s expectations should be discussed in the holidays. Get onto the same page before the year begins by sharing these. Get them goal driven by paying attention to what they want to achieve ...and rather than tell them what you don’t want them to do, convey your positive expectations – that they do the best they can, conduct themselves in the best way possible and make you proud of who they are – rather than just what they achieve.

  4. Return to routine – In advance start returning to the school routine. They must understand the value of sleep and start making bedtimes earlier a week or so before the term starts. Slowly limit TV and games time and start getting kids back into some learning activities.

  5. Review old material – One of the things they can do to start re-activating their brain cells is to review some of the previous year’s material. Discuss it with them. What did they learn? ...and what did they enjoy? It lets them know you will be supporting them on their educational journey.

  6. Make the year fun – Before they even go back to school, get your kids enthused about the coming year by preparing a homework station. Let them be involved and help to decorate it. Work out an after school program. When will they study, play sports ...and just have fun?

  7. Book a Tutor in advance – Following on from that ... allow for extra tutoring time if necessary too. Remember where their weaknesses lay in the previous year and through the previous exams. Were there tears or disappointment because they never achieved what they expected in a particular subject? You can allay a lot of fear of failure and anxiety of the new school year by contacting us around this time to learn about our excellent after school Tutoring. Let us book you a specialist Tutor in advance for the term.

Hopefully these 7 sways help your child get back into the rhythm of the school year!

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