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Edu Core Solutions offers an effective way of learning. We offer affordable one on one and small group learning. Our tutors are patient and knowledgeable which will empower your child to learn in a way that is not possible in a classroom. 

Our tutors are insightful, approachable and are able to form strong relationships with students to create maximum academic awareness.

Our mission is to support your child on their road to learning by enriching them and challenging them in the comfort of their own home. Empowering your child is important to us. We value your child’s ability to transform stress and fear from a subject into success and achievement


We believe in keeping open communication to build a strong foundation between your home and Edu Core Solutions, in order to get the best results for your child.

Interaction strategies and methods we use to enhance students learnings:

Why Edu Core Solutions?

Respect all students as individuals.

We look at your child’s abilities, interests and experiences and assist them in clarifying their learning goals. This will encourage them through their road to learning.

We give feedback on revision tasks. Reflect on curriculum activities and acknowledge their efforts. Celebrate their progress and achievements as well as help them learn from their mistakes and setbacks.

Encourage your child to ask questions freely in a safe environment. 

Establish and maintain an open relationship between the home, Edu Core Solutions and its tutors.

Scheduling a tutoring timetable with us helps your child organise their weekly routines eliminating stress.

Trust and Reliability

Educated tutors

Experience in Education


Options that suit your budget

Good relationships

Open communication between all parties

Who are we?

Janine Turner

Edu Core Solutions was created by Janine Turner. I am a qualified Youth Coach who also has years of experience in recruiting, organising and placing the right student for the right brand in the corporate environment. I took my expertise and experiences over the years and brought the elements together to build a solid tutoring company that will empower the youth of today.

As a mother of two boys whose personalities and capabilities differ, I feel tutoring is an extremely beneficial approach to education. Having a private tutor allows your child to feel at ease to ask questions and get the personal attention they may “lack” at school. Our knowledgeable tutors have a positive effect on your child’s learning, confidence and bettering of grades which is usually felt within the first 6 lessons. Once your child starts feeling more confident and positive, you as parents will start to feel more relaxed knowing your child is receiving the support they need.

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“Creating the right platform to unwrap your child’s full potential is what makes our teaching journey worthwhile ” - Janine Turner -

Private Tutors and teachers in Johannesburg
Private Tutors and teachers in Johannesburg
Private Tutors and teachers in Johannesburg